90 years growing
In 1930,an immigrant couple from Europe arrived in Argentina, to start a new life. They had 7 children who were taught the value of fieldwork and began planting citrus in the town of Calabacilla and Puerto Yerua, Entre Ríos Province. This group of siblings made up of 3 men and 4 women founded GUINDA HNOS., the pioneering firm in citrus production, which gradually grew in quality and quantity of production, hitting the Buenos Aires market.
They stood out for having the best worked and cared for fruit in the whole region. Generating employment for hundreds of families, who cared for the citrus plants with a lot of dedication and commitment. This is how the Guinda family, conveys their knowledge and experience to the new generation of the 21st century. Currently GUINDA FRUITS, carries out with great pride, the expansion to international markets of Citrus Entrerriano, with the same responsibility, seriousness and quality of fruit that our great-grandparents started 90 years ago.
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