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Packaging: telescopic boxes of 10 kg.


Harvest period: Uruguay River Zone: April-May
Characteristics of the fruit: medium size, an attractive orange-red color very bright. The shell is very smooth and fine, somewhat attached to the wedges, especially at the beginning of the maturation period. The pulp is firm, intense orange in colour and a characteristic sweet taste. The ratio of soluble solids/acidity is balanced. The fruit has no seeds if it is planted in isolated batches.
Harvest period: mid-season late
Characteristics of the fruit: The fruit is medium to large in size (70-80 mm), intense orange-red and easy to peel. The pulp and juice are of excellent color and flavor, with a high and balanced acidity/soluble solids ratio. The seed content in fruit from pure plantations of the variety and isolated from other varieties is very low to zero, but the production is erratic (some years it produces fruit and others does not).
Harvest period: in July, and may be extended until August.
Fruit characteristics: it occurs at the end of the branches, which causes it to be damaged by wind, sun and cold. It is medium-sized, firm, flattened and yellow-orange. The shell is very thin, quite attached to the wedges, but it is extracted without any major difficulties. It has a high content of juice, very sweet and low acidity.
Harvest period: Depto. Concordia area, March - April.
Characteristics of the fruit: The fruit is rounded, flattened at the poles, some with neck, medium-sized and yellowish-green when breaking color. It has almost no seeds. The shell is a rough thing. The pulp is very tender, orange-red.